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Advice From Fellow Astronauts

Chris Hadfield Peggy Whitson Scott Kelly

Chris Hadfield

"I've spent a little time self-isolating onboard a spaceship. You know, it's an extremely dangerous environment up on board the space station and yet, we find a way to thrive and be productive that far away from our normal lives. Understand the actual risk, don't just be afraid of things. Go to a credible source and find out what is truly the risk that you're facing right now — you, your family, your friends, the people that you care about."

Peggy Whitson

"COVID-19 gives us a higher purpose much like being in space does because we are saving lives by quarantining. It is important to understand that bigger purpose and to embrace that purpose to give you reason and rationale for continuing to put up with the situation. I would do the extra work [on the space station] that I'd been thinking about doing. What are the things that you would do if you had more time? Is it to read? Is it to maybe write poetry or do art? What is it that has been the thing that has been in the back of your head?"

Scott Kelly

"Take time for fun activities: I met up with crewmates for movie nights, complete with snacks, and binge-watched all of 'Game of Thrones' — twice. I appreciate that in our current predicament, I can step outside any time I want for a walk or a hike — no spacesuit needed. Research has shown that spending time in nature is beneficial for our mental and physical health, as is exercise.”